Bronze medal as a recognition of our CSR by EcoVadis rating

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Dziękujemy,grazie, thank you, merci...

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Update: Security measures in response to to the spread of the coronavirus

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Groupage services

From one pallet to full load


All trucks on board!

PROMY24.COM — Your lifebuoy in ferry crossings


Contract Logistics

Creating solutions to support our Customers' business objectives.

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Insurance in safe hands

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Transport company PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa SA

PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa SA is the first self-organized transport company in Poland. It means that the company has no hierarchical structure, and decisions are made collectively and we are all responsible for them. In addition to purely transport services (LTL, FTL, Groupage etc.), we have a much broader portfolio than the average transport company, as we deal with insurance services for transport companies, cargo ferry crossings, contract logistics, frigo transport, rail transport from China and others. As a transport company with over 50 years of tradition, we can safely say that we know the transport and in accordance with our mission - we transport safely supporting your business.

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13 locations
120 freight
600 trucks at our disposal
150423 orders
in 2020

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Design and implementation:
In reaction to the spread of the coronavirus our crisis team monitors the situation on a daily basis. Our team takes steps to ensure safety of our staff and to fulfill our obligations to our clients. PKS Gdansk-Oliwa SA implements all guidelines and recommendations related to the situation and remains fully operational.