Update: response to the spread of the corona v.

Dear Sirs,

In relation to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to inform you: 

  • PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa SA continuously executes the entrusted transport orders;
  • we have implemented all the guidelines related to the current situation and we take preventive actions going beyond the standard recommendations;
  • we purchased air sterilizers and disinfection stations for our offices;
  • most of our employees work remotely, employees remaining in the office has been kept to a minimum;
  • in the office in Gdańsk 3 zones have been separated, for safety reasons employees of particular zones cannot stay in other zones, this also applies to cleaning staff;
  • the office space has been reorganized in such a way as to increase the social distance;
  • we measure the temperature of employees on a daily basis and disinfect office equipment that could pose a later threat;
  • disinfectants are available throughout the building, and each employee leaving their room is required to wear a protective mask;
  • we regularly test employees for the presence of Convid-19;
  • people from outside the company are not allowed to enter the offices all team meetings are held online.

We remain at your disposal.


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