Update: response to the spread of the corona v.

Dear Sirs, 
In relation to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we'd like to inform you: 

  • until June 14, all our existing security measures will be extended, including remote work;  
  • one of the security measures that we have implemented is to limit any physical contacts and circulation of items that may pose a potential threat. This also applies to document circulation. For this reason, we decided to completely switch to the electronic circulation of documents, implementing the 3E program: e-invoice, edocuments and e-archive; 
  • we are still testing drivers for the presence of a coronavirus every time they return to the country and at each change of drivers; 
  • all our staff remaining in the office and the drivers were tested negative for SARSCoV-2 coronavirus; 
  • essential personnel do not commute by public transport; 
  • employees traveling by public transport have been provided with company cars; 
  • employees whose presence is necessary in the office must follow specially prepared procedures; 
  • our fleet vehicles are regularly ozonized for disinfection at each change of drivers and after the car returns to Poland; 
  • 3 zones were separated in the office in Gdańsk, for security reasons employees of individual zones cannot stay in other zones. 

We remain at your disposal. 


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