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We have been operating on the transport market for over 50 years, and thanks to such experience, we are able to offer permanent and stable employment to our Carriers as each time we adapt our offer to the needs of specific Carriers, because we want to guarantee favourable cooperation conditions for both parties.

In addition, we have launched a self-invoicing service for Carriers, which simplifies and speeds up settlements. The service is free, safe and guarantees a correctly issued invoice. More details of this service can be found in the article: Easier and faster settlements with Carriers.

What do we expect:

  • timeliness of loading and deliveries,
  • reliability and professionalism in terms of transport,
  • hard-working Drivers who are not afraid of the challenges related to transport,
  • regulated situation in connection with the requirements regarding the minimum wage in Germany.

In return we offer:

  • permanent export loads to EU countries (1:1 and without pallet exchange),
  • permanent employment in domestic and international traffic,
  • real market freights (e-toll in PL and EU included in the rate),
  • timely payments,
  • Assembly of telematics systems (driver, vehicle and cargo safety),
  • self-invoicing
  • legal and financial advice,
  • favourable insurance conditions,
  • attractive conditions the so-called "SKONTO",
  • settlement based on scanned shipping documents,
  • Carrier Account Manager.

Why it is worth working with us:

  • standing orders,
  • solvency,
  • certainty and continuity of orders,
  • 53 years of experience on the transport services market. 

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Insurance for transport

Insurance for transport

We provide comprehensive motor and property insurance services addressed to both individual and business Clients. Our policies are issued only by reliable insurance companies such as: PZU, Allianz, Warta, Gothaer.

Ferries for transportation

Ferries for transportation

We provide cargo ferry services throughout Europe. We operate European bridges and tunnels. We guarantee attractive prices in a 24-hour booking system.

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