Cooperation with schools and universities

Cooperation with schools and universities

Cooperation with schools and universities is part of our development strategy. Paid internships are crucial to help young people take their first steps in business. No Wonder that the interest is high.  

We work with ambitious people that are eager to learn  and ready to face new challenges, willing to improve their professional qualifications and skills. If you want to progress and widen your horizons, feel free to contact us and commence your adventure in the Transport, Spedition and Logistics industry.  


1) Internships for the best – In 2005, we launched the „Internship for the best” programme. Since '05 till '13, over 60 people took practice in our company. Trainees were acquainted with forwarding agent duties and assisted the senior forwarders. They were supervised by their assigned overseers and they gained useful skills, such as the operation of the transport program, cargo exchange, transport documents and vehicles.

2) Training programme – In 2012, we launched a paid training programme. Training begins with a week of schooling. Trainees learn the characteristics of each of the functional teams of the operations department, sales department, invoicing department, technical department, financial department and driver accounting department. Over 75% of trainees are offered a job in PKS Gdańsk–Oliwa SA.

3) Case studies – We Focus on real problems and projects, which are analyzed by students to search for solutions. PKS Gdańsk–Oliwa SA treats these activities as internships. Moreover, the best fitting and innovative solutions also have a chance of being implemented into PKS Gdańsk–Oliwa SA.

4) Patronage of Transport and Forwarding faculty at the Banking College in Gdansk. Some of our staff are lecturers. This connects to our contribution in developing study programs and ideas for further internships. On October 2013, we launched our own faculty on postgraduate studies, to educate the future staff of PKS Gdańsk–Oliwa SA.

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