Recruitment process

Step 1 – Publication of the job announcement

At PKS GDAŃSK-OLIWA S.A., we start our recruitment process by disseminating information about vacancies via the Web. To attract the best possible candidates, we make every effort to make our announcements stand out and encourage participation in the recruitment process.

Step 2 – collecting the applications

Once our announcements have been thoroughly publicised on all the employment postings websites, we start collecting the applications. This stage lasts about 2 weeks to ensure that all interested persons are able to report their willingness to cooperate with us, even if they miss the announcement on the day of its publication. 

Step 3 – CV selection

When our recruitment inbox bursts at the seams, the HR team and the individual teams or their representatives have a discussion session to select the best applications. Because we are looking for the best-of-the-best, heated debate about the best candidates is the norm.

Step 4 – contacting the best candidates

After lengthy deliberations and lively discussions, we contact our potential future employees by phone. If you have not received the phone call, don’t worry. We send our candidates a failed call attempt message so that no interested party misses their chance to take part in the recruitment process. During the telephone conversation with the candidate, we invite them to a job interview at the earliest date convenient for both parties.

Step 5 – job interview stage 1

We spend a few days meeting the candidates. Job interviews are normally attended by the representative of the HR team and the representative of the team (or the entire team) to which the recruitment process pertains. The interview lasts about half an hour and is of a ‘get to know you’ nature, so you don’t need to stress so much!

Step 6 – selecting candidates for stage 2

After the first job interview stage has completed, we select the very top candidates and invite them to the next stage of the recruitment process, which involves a talk with the Board of PKS GDAŃSK-OLIWA S.A. During this stage, we also contact the candidates who have not passed the first recruitment stage, to thank everyone for their precious time and wish them good luck in further exploration of the job market.

Step 7 – job interview stage 2

During the second job interview stage, the candidates are presented to the Board of PKS GDAŃSK-OLIWA S.A. 

Step 8 – start of employment

After meeting the members of the board of PKS GDAŃSK-OLIWA S.A., we choose the lucky winner who will join our team. We contact the selected candidate by phone immediately after the decision is made and we invite them to a meeting with the HR team to complete all the formalities. We also have a policy of contacting those who have not been selected for employment in our company, to thank them for their time and wish them good luck in their job search. 

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