Security measures in response to to the spread of the coronavirus

Dear Sirs,
in reaction to the spread of the coronavirus (covid 19) our crisis team monitors the situation on a daily basis. Our team takes steps to ensure safety of our staff and to fulfill our obligations to our clients. PKS Gdansk-Oliwa SA implements all guidelines and recommendations related to the situation and remains fully operational. Security measures that have been implemented include:


  • We have established a team collecting market information, monitoring the situation at the borders as well as new regulations and traffic restrictions in European countries, which are published several times a day as part of our internal information hub
  • Our fleet vehicles are regularly ozonized for disinfection
  • Our staff remaining in the office were tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus
  • We conduct tests of our drivers for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the office in Gdańsk and after crossing the border in Słubice
  • Our employees are provided with sanitary equipment
  • Daily temperature checks for the employess entering our oficce
  • Frequently touched surfaces disinfection including door knobs and telephones
  • Essential personel do not commute by public transport
  • Employees returning from abroad / having family members returning from abroad are either on leave or working from home
  • We limit any physical contact and circulation of object that could be potential risk
  • Only essential personel remains at our office, , others work remotely
  • All the meetings that are not crucial were postponed
  • We encourage good hygiene practises
  • Visiting of our office is limited
  • Any employee with symptoms of Covid-19 coronavirus infections should stay home and contact local medical center for guidance
  • Pdf file called” COVID-19” is attached to all our orders we send to our carriers.

We remain at your disposal.


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