Lectures at the Faculty of Economics

For many years now the employees of PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa S.A. have been readily engaged in the social activities reflecting the value and ethics in business. Such activities include the broadly-understood cooperation with universities and colleges.

Every year the Master’s Thesis Contest is organised under the patronage of PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa S.A. and in the current winter semester, as an element of promotion of our company as the first turquoise organisation in the TSL industry, lectures for students of the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk are conducted, in cooperation with the Chair of Transportation Policy.

The aim of these lectures is to get the students interested in the TSL subject matter and encourage them to work in the transportation and logistics sector. An opportunity to participate in the lectures with the representatives of the industry companies creates a chance to learn about the practice  and experience in the job of a forwarder and getting practical knowledge used in professional work later. The lectures are given by the employees of PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa S.A. every two weeks in the winter semester for the 4th Year students.

The university lecture syllabus covers the following questions:

  1. A transportation company in self-organisation on the example of PPT PKS GDAŃSK-OLIWA S.A.
  2. Management of driver’s work – models of driver’s work, methods of employment, vehicle and driver’s equipment, types of means of transportation, driver’s working time.
  3. Forwarder’s work – transport documents, general terms and conditions of orders, process of realisation and billing, complaints and irregularities in transport based on given examples
  4. GPDR, SENT, ADR in the practice of a transportation company
  5. Customer service in logistics – challenges, markers and characteristics of the leading operator
  6. Summary lecture


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