Code of conduct

We ask you to carefully read the rules prevailing in Our Organization. We hope that getting to know this will help us cooperate with each other and will allow you to fully become a part of our company.


Responsibility plays the key role in our organization. Each employee is fully responsible for the performed work and, in particular, for making decisions that cannot be unfounded. One should always employ objective evaluation of one’s competences, and if it is insufficient, we use an advisory process, we are not afraid to ask questions, we use the knowledge and experience of other people, including other teams (e.g. verification of a customer, carrier, financial and personnel issues). We are aware of the consequences of failing to comply with procedures for ourselves, the team and the company.


Our cooperation in teams as well as between the teams is based on a reliable flow of information. It also means that we provide feedback, for example we declare the time of completing a given task, we respond to inquiries from others, direct relevant information to the right people, and do not hide difficult matters. We do not treat information about our mistakes as bad will, but as the base to analysis and conclusion to eliminate similar mistakes in the future.


Teamwork is the core of our activities. We play specific roles in the team according to possessed qualifications. We do not leave co-workers alone in a situation when they need our help, e.g. they cannot cope with excess of duties at a given moment, we fill in for each other in case of sick or holiday leave. We all have an equal right to express what we think, to this end we hold regular meetings, we try to make everyone feel confident and comfortable to present their opinion on a given matter, we respect different views and beliefs. Our own ambitions or the ego cannot dominate the team's efficiency, so we learn by our own mistakes, exchange knowledge and experience also with other teams, and to this end we use available tools such as a company blog. We apply constructive criticism to each other. This means that we feel obliged to give a clear message when we notice improper performance of work by a colleague while maintaining respect for that person. Changing the team is possible, but it does not mean leaving unfinished matters behind. The basis for changing the team is the agreement between interested parties, we respect colleagues from the team which we leave.


We do not close ourselves in the box, we develop ourselves and open to the ideas of others. We participate in trainings, we seek alternative solutions to improve our skills and qualifications.


Each of us cares about the image of our organization and feels responsible for it. We do not disclose or use information obtained in connection with work in a way that is detrimental to anyone. We are aware that the quality of our work is measured by customer satisfaction, especially in the area of: timeliness, completeness of deliveries, administrative services, financial settlements. We are client focused at work trying to do our bet, we are open to client’s needs. During participation in conferences, trainings, integration meetings organized outside of the company we care about our professional image (fe. We do not overdose alcohol beverages).


Basically we try not to escalate disputes, we openly talk about problems. However, if despite everything, we cannot avoid a dispute, we have developed conflict resolving standards that are a part of ordinary work in our organization. The parties to the conflict first try to talk to each other directly, come to an agreement, do not involve third parties in their own affairs. If the interested parties do not reach an agreement, they use the help of their own team, the next step is assistance from the external mediator.


We respect our own time and that of others. We are aware that being late for work or for meetings disorganize work and may cause the team's lack of availability for the external and internal client. During participation in trainings, meetings, etc. we delegate our duties so we can participate actively. If we expect others to do the job we are asking for, we shall give them proper advance, so they can fulfill the task properly.


We operate openly within the organization. In our relations, we apply the principle "nothing about us without us." Others can also participate in team’s meetings so they can exchange information, remarks, praises, suggestions connected with the team or team members work.


We support new employees in our organization, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience, we are open to new ideas, we are exchanging experiences. We expect respect for the principles and standards we have developed.


We know that the atmosphere at work affects the quality of our work, we strive to make everyone feel comfortable in our organization. We want everyone to feel useful and valuable, we are aware that everyone has to work for it. We organize integration meetings, both for the team and companywide, aimed at contributing to the improvement of our mutual cooperation, we always count on the maximum attendance. We encourage you to take initiatives in this matter. We remain open to any suggestions related to the provisions contained in the Co-workers Code. Co-workers from Przedsiębiorstwo Przewozu Towarów PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa S.A.


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