Employee engagement

Employee engagement

"The employees are the biggest asset" is probably the most repeated sentence in all HR departments and we believe it’s true. But rather than "the asset" we like to think about our employees as friends and family and we do really care about our friends. We support them in developing interests, hobbies and passions but also we’re here to help when they struggle.

Respect for others is one of the very first principles here at PKS Gdansk-Oliwa SA as well as self-fulfillment and participation in social initiatives. It’s still and always has been in the the center of the company’s interests and it’s also a warranty of the success.

Sport is one of the areas we encourage our personnel to profit from: we’re participating in running events, organizing bike trips, our volleyball team meets up every Tuesday.

We believe that qualified, and what’s more important, efficient personnel, is characterized not only by knowledge and skill but most of all by dedication and self-fulfillment and that’s the picture of our employees.

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